Piercings and Tattoos on the Adolescent Body

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Systems of domination are used to control the adolescent body to conform to patterns of the normative. Some patterns may include the mass media or peer pressure. The females and males who are pressured within the society are forced to make a choice. Whether or not they live with their body modification, it is up to them and the loved ones around them that make the choice for them.

Socialization has played a part in the past and more importantly, today. It seems that for an adolescent to change their physique, they turn to the media. For those who have to undergo a procedure against their will, or because your culture requires it, the consequences could be deadly. You may also be prone to an infection or disease if the equipment used is not properly sterilized.

But who benefits from these ideas about adolescent body? It seems that with all the pressure of the media and our peers that we have to conform to patterns of society; we have no choice but to fit in.

We are the ones who may or may not benefit. We are the ones that make the life altering choice unless it is decided by our culture. Under socialization, creating diversity among adolescents is also important for the functioning of predictable and docile human bodies.

Some may agree that the body should be left alone; the way God created it. Others may feel that they have to decorate their body with tattoos and body piercings to express their individuality. Some cultures may acquire a decorative symbol or piercing. These are all patterns of socialization. I like to think of it as social conformity. That is, conforming to patterns of a particular style or trend in a society.

The body image to one refers to...