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In the article titled "Plan Today for E-Business Future" the author John Gantz provides insight and his views and opinions on the future if e-business. The author begins by stating that there are approximately 11 million Web sites on the planet, however most of them he claims are simple and undeveloped. The author provides examples of marketing literature for small businesses, and simple ordering systems or collection boxes for e-mails to customer service departments. The author writes "According to IDC's eWorld 2001 survey, fewer than one in 10 Web sites has any kind of complexity to it, such as commerce and direct connection to an inventory control system".

The author claims that all we know about e-business today will change in the next few years and states that he has already started to see the signs of change for the future. The article states that commerce was the first wave of Web site development, and was used for simply capturing transactions.

The second wave according to the author was the supply chain automation, and the big challenge in today's business to business commerce. The third wave that the author already claims to see glimmerings of is said to be "intelligent and collaborative e-business.

The introduction of this new "third wave" combines the fundamental nature of the new applications with the first and second waves. The result will be the intelligent combination of content management, analytics and the collaboration to the e-business application. "The analytic and business intelligence function determines what's going on with the transactions; the content management functions alter offerings on the fly; and collaboration allows business partners in the value chain to react in real time to changing business conditions to, for example, forecast demand and schedule logistics".

The three waves as the author explains them are...