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The surveys I have taken have shown me that I am more conservative on my views of politics, yet all my life, I have been influenced by my parents as a strong Liberal. My curiosity about how things work led me to political science. My ideological development has been tortuous rather than linear. I began in an early stage as a liberal, then discovered and knew I had a strong liking for libertarianism.

It seems clear that intelligence is unrelated to political ideology. For every brilliant liberal mind, there is a brilliant conservative mind. For every liberal dunce, there is a conservative dunce. Throughout my childhood, it has been a clear implication that conservatives are the ones to oppose. The results I received amazed me; it never occurred to me that there were actually some conservatism in me; even in the 2004 Election I strongly voted for Republican George W. Bush; I was fascinated and supportive of his views compared as to Kerry's.

It seems that now more citizens are ranking the United States presidents in terms of intelligence. It came as no surprise to me that it ranked liberals significantly higher than conservatives, for that is the prevailing stereotype. As we look back, Ronald Regan was once disliked by most liberals--yet did much for this country such as saving this country by playing a huge role in the winning of the Cold War and the resulting freedom of millions of people.

In today's political society, liberals and conservatives view politics slightly different than before. Liberals believe the federal government should be big, and the people small. Liberals equate progress, in all of its form. Progress consists in using reason to make things better, to perfect the needs of the people, to eliminate and prevent various evils. If...