The Politics Of Dancing

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Paul Van Dyk, One of the worlds most great DJS, Rocks Da house with his new mad ass album !!! A+ - Having missed Ferry Corsten when he was first in Toronto back in September only helped make last night more of an aural experience. Mark Oliver did a great job warming up the crowd prior to Ferry coming on at around 1:30 - his first few tracks were a lot harder than I and others were expecting - and this set the tone for the first half of his set. A lot of bang-on trancers were played and it was obvious he was catering to the crowd since the crowd was jumpin for most of the night (that's about all you could do, we were packed like sardines in there...). He played for about 4 hours - the mixing was spot-on but I felt the set didn't 'flow' as nicely - it wasn't exactly a journey we were being taken on but more of a mish-mash of tunes, no complaints here though - except that a few ppl didn't make it out to experience the night - you know who you are.

:) Benson & Hedges also did a nice job of decorating the place with the projection screens, etc. - Guy Ornadel played for a few hours last night - a mix of uplifting and bangin' trancers... It was a nice change hearing that at guvernment - I've heard him spin twice now and I'd be hard pressed to find something negative to say about either one. If you get a chance, see him live.

- Added a button to some of the singles that will automatically queue the file for download in your AudioGalaxy satellite. Assuming your cookies are enabled and you have recently logged into then it will set it up for download the next time you have your satellite up. For those of you that are new to all of this I'll set up a tutorial explaining it - it's pretty easy to set-up though - and the benefits are huge. :)