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Topic - pollution

I have decided to write about Environmental pollution focusing mainly on water pollution. I will discuss effects this has on the Earth and on us also I will discuss the difficulties we will encounter due to this problem in the long run.

Imagine a world where the impacts of pollution have caused global warming to get to such an extent where it causes the ice caps to melt. This problem will cause the sea levels to rise and as a result thousands of peoples homes will be underwater never to be lived in again.

There are many types of pollution some include air, water and soil. There are more but these are just the main ones. Due to the many types pollution it is inevitable there will be impacts. At the present day we are receiving these impacts and in the near future they are going to get worse.

In 1993 almost 220 billion dollars were spent to reduce pollution, if this continues we will be losing a huge amount of money every year to a problem that can easily be stopped.

If this problem continues there will be serious consequences. Some of the impacts include tremendous cost of pollution cleanup and prevention. It also has a dramatic effect on natural resources. Forests, wetlands and rivers are just a few of our natural resources. These resources perform different tasks. All are vital services for the Earth. They enhance air and water quality, provide habitats for plants and animals and provide food. Simply put we live of them so if we continue to damage our lifelines we will have a hard enough job staying alive never mind all the other jobs we have to do.

Water pollution is a major aspect of environmental pollution. Water pollution is...