Pop Culture - The Effects of Popular Culture on Modern American Society

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The Affects of Popular Culture on

Modern American Society

Introduction to Popular American Culture

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The Affects of Popular Culture on Modern American Society

The American way of life revolves around popular culture. The artifacts surrounding them shape the lives and personalities of individuals. The choices people make regarding the things they buy come from commercials they have seen on TV, ads in the newspaper, or something they have seen someone else possess. Advertisers design marketing campaigns that are especially appealing to get consumers to purchase their products. But, are consumers aware of the affect popular culture has on their lives? Identifiable Patterns

America has become a society of people who demand instant gratification and convenience. A distinctive pattern has emerged to fulfill the demands of consumers by providing them with everything from fast food windows, where they do not even have to leave their car to get food, to grocery delivery services that bring food directly to their house.

Advertisers design marketing campaigns to persuade consumers to buy their products not based not solely on the product itself, but on the convenience it will provide to them.

Most of the things people buy are for entertainment purposes. Things like CD's, DVD's, toys, and even vehicles are purchased for recreational purposes. The fact that the entertainment industry is a multi-billion dollar industry provides evidence as to where Americans spend enormous amounts of money. Leisure activities are an important part of society.

Purchases made by Americans more often then not are done so to reflect a certain kind of status. They go to tanning salons, get their hair and nails done, and buy designer clothes and jewelry. They buy expense cars and eat expensive food and all of these things are designed to...