Portrait of a Lady

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The knock came around 7 pm, just as the girls were settling down to study - or pretending to, at any rate. A heated kafuffle about who was to get off their ass and walk down the damn hall subsequently erupted and raged for several minutes. Eventually, the door was wrenched open to reveal a slight, delicate looking girl, possessing a small, fair face framed by loose blond strands.

She presently introduced herself as Pansy in a voice perfectly befitting her name - childishly pleasant and self-effacingly sweet, and as soft as the whisper of gossamer silks - then ventured tentatively that perhaps - just perhaps - she was lost and would Miss be so kind as to give her directions?

'I'm Jane,' the door opener rejoined brightly. 'And I'm sure you're at the right place - did Kath invite you?'

Pansy hesitated in indecision, alarmed by the other's bold affability.

She swiftly returned that she was pleased to make Jane's acquaintance, the archaic greeting delivered with a demurely lowered head.

'Come in', Jane continued brightly. The wayward traveller, while anxious in the manner of a fairy, who, busy with her sparkle dust, had unconsciously misplaced her wings, entered the carpeted hallway with small, careful steps. She was clearly well-honed in the art of submissive passivity.

But once inside, her eyes widened to an extraordinary roundness. 'Your skirt,' Pansy blurted suddenly, her lashes twittering like a startled doe's. Immediately embarrassed at this incongruous interjectory, rosy colour flushed her cheeks.

Jane started. 'Yes - what's wrong with it?' She inspected her bare knees, seemingly without alarm.

'I hope I don't offend but it's so very improper...' Pansy choked out. 'Did you tear it by mistake? It is such a nuisance when one tears a good dress. Do take my shawl -...