English narrative Area of Study: Belonging. '.Popularity Is The New Black.'

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Be: v. 1. to exist or be present, to have a particular location 2. to occur in time. 3. to have a specified state, function or value.

Well I was somebody at least. I was, and I can verify this, human. I look human I feel human, think human.

Wait I take back what I said when I mentioned feeling human. I mean, if I was to touch my hand to my arm I certainly feel human, but in a completely different senseI feel like the reincarnation of E.T.

But I suppose if I was to find something about myself that makes me feel connected to other humans, it would be that I am being.

Looking in the mirror now, and I have just realised that I, without a doubt, am the portrait of E.T. If E.T. himself were to create said portrait.

Check it out. I have eyes that are googly a very long neck, swan-like as my mother calls it.

As everybody knows that the female population likes to be referred to as birds. For sure.

I also have a very oddly shaped face.

Maybe if I turned it to the right…No. Nope. This is just not getting any better.

Julia says I'm being over sensitive, my head is just fine and that"It's not your head shape that keeps you from your 'ultimate goal' of being the almighty 'popular' one."What ever man. My head is weird and the overwhelming weirdness that is my head is stopping my world domination in popularity.

You can be sure of that.

Fit1: adj. 1a. adapted or suited to a purpose b. in a suitable state. 2. acceptance from a particular viewpoint e.g. of competence, morality or qualifications, worthy.

Fit2: v. 1. to be the right size or shape for. 2. to...