Power and Politics

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Power and Politics There are three types of employees in the work field, salespeople, production workers and administrative staff. We will give a brief summery of the 3 employee types. Following that, there are 5 different theories, Maslow's Hierarchy of needs, EGR, Two-factory Theory, Equity Theory and Expectancy Theory. Between these 5 theories we will choose which one will be most effective to motivate these employee groups and then explain why.

SalespeopleThe expectancy theory would be best at motivating salespeople because if he or she believes that 1. Effort will yield acceptable performance, 2. Performance will be rewarded, 3. And the value of the rewards is highly positive (Ch 6). A salesperson knows that through their efforts and acceptable performance their performance will be rewarded with commission and the value of the reward will be their lively hood. The commission in the end will motivate them to work hard and do a good job for their client.

The commission is the reward at the end for the salesperson and the client will be happy at the efforts made. If they can help a client then in the end the rewards are highly positive because you know that you helped someone out today. The expectancy theory is the best motivator for a salesperson because they are motivated to work hard and do a good job and in the end they will receive their needed rewards.

Production WorkersThe two-factory theory would be more effective to the production worker because the two-factory theory's job satisfaction and job dissatisfaction are totally separate entities, with this said working conditions will not make people satisfied with their work, it will only prevent them from being dissatisfied; A production worker will be effected more by the two-factory theory because although their pay is not the...