The Power of Stone.

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When God created us, He placed control over the whole world into our

hands. He gave us the power to rule over all of nature, including animals,

birds and every other living creature. But the most valuable gift He

provided us with was the ability to feel compassion and take responsible

actions. Thanks to this advantage over all other species, we can make

a difference in this decaying world.

Actually, the difference begins with the birth of every precious human.

Just because he is an individual, he changes the world. With each birth,

life throughout the universe becomes more vital, and with each death, it

becomes weaker. Indeed, each birth can be compared to adding another

piece of stone to this enormous mountain called the universe. What

a small stone means to the mountain, a person means to the whole of

humankind. Even though they both are hardly noticeable, their merit is

significant. So, what can the significance of a stone be? A seemingly

worthless stone may save the life of mountaineer whose foot suddenly

slides. In panic, he grabs the stone and thus escapes a gruesome death.

It is hard to believe that one single stone can save him from the split

second of fatality approaching. The fact is that the mountaineer would

be dead now if that stone were not there. Therefore, each stone is

valuable for the whole world.

Comparing such a stone to any human being, the life of one single

person is extremely important for the survival of humankind. His life, as

well as his deeds, affects the universe through his interelatedness with all

of humanity. As a result, the destiny of the earth depends on our

existence. This idea always pervades my mind whenever I read,

"Meditation XVII," by John Donne, a...