The Return of King Arthur

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Legend has it, when England is in the time of greatest need, King Arthur will return to prevail against the evil threatening the land once again. That time is now.

All across the outstretched hills of the country of England, bodies can be viewed lying in bloodied, mangled positions. Even the strongest of stomachs can and will turn at this gruesome sight. No single army could have massacred as such. No joined forces would even have had power of this caliber. No manly power would have ever become strong enough to kill entire countries at once. The cause of these deaths has come to be commonly referred to as Bog.

Bog is a creature not of this earth. Its origin is unknown; one day it was simply...there, killing only for what appeared to be pleasure. During the day, it sleeps but by night it stalks it prey, which is usually humans.

By outward appearance, Bog is a black entity, which hangs ominously in the sky before striking. When first being viewed, it has been described as looking like an Angel of Death, which happens to be another common name for it. It has black, lacy, bat-like wings. It stands about eight feet tall with a twelve-fifteen foot wingspan. Its eyes let out an eerie red glow that flickers like two flames.

Bog kills mercilessly all whom cross its path. When there are no more humans or animals in its immediate sight, it hunts them out. It has only recently begun its attack on England. The death count is only as high as the amount of men sent out in attempt to kill the beast before it turns it attack on the main villages and towns. This can be called, without exaggeration, a suicide mission.

The only hope that...