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IntroductionWe are called The 'A' Team and we present your "Funbreak". We are a small business designed by students for students with our main objective to provide a fun alternative for students during there down time. Our proposed business plan is to provide some fun and entertainment to the students of ABC University between their classes and in their lunch breaks. We are a non-profit organisation providing an entertainment service to students. All of our profits are going to Canteen, which is a charitable organisation supporting young people living with cancer. (Refer to Partnership agreement, Appendix 1). According to Canteen (2007), they do not receive any government funding and are totally reliant on the generosity of individuals, the community and their sponsors.

We are going to set up a fun fair/carnival type table with a selection of games for the students to play. These games will not only be fun for the students to play but they will be skillful too.

To abide by laws governing gaming, the games we provide will be games of skill not games of chance.

Our target market is the students of ABC, and our business will be run from Hikuai Plaza at the ABC campus on Wednesday 28 March and 4 April. This is one of the busiest places at ABC and it's even busier on market days as the students like to see the goods/services provided. As our target market is students, our games will be priced reasonably so they can afford to play. The cost will be $2 for one game and $4 to play all three games.

To entice the student to our business and to play our games, other than being a fun thing to do in their breaks, we have a number of movie vouchers as prizes to win.