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Essay by PJThompson November 2014

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Montana, Idaho and Washington

My journey to the northwest states of the U.S. started in 2000. I drove around the U.S. twice that year and decided on living in northwest Montana. Since then I have left that region and returned to the northwest three other times. Since leaving the my home state and living around the U.S., the northwest has kept me the longest and most to live in.

The four top things I enjoy about the pacific northwest are: 1) the quietness and limited industrial noise in everyday life. 2) the open natural space that is abound, even in the city limits. 3) the people who more often then not, have a good deal of grit. 4) the businesses that are not all corporate copies that you see in every city, state and region across the U.S.

Seattle, Boise, Whitefish and Sandpoint all share the concept of the northwest but each is unique.

Tying them together is the concept of outdoor excursions, the pioneer and Native American history, self-reliance and more.