The Present Unhappiness Of Man

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According to John Milton's Paradise Lost, the present unhappiness of man is the result of Satan's actions. While in the Garden of Eden, both Adam and Eve were warned of an evil power who was secretly working to destroy their innocence. Because Adam let Eve work alone in the garden, Eve was more vulnerable of being approached by this evil power which is probably Adam's biggest mistake. Once Adam and Eve ate from the tree of knowledge which was forbidden to them, they both lost their innocence, and with it righteousness, confidence, and honor, which is the cause of man's present unhappiness.

During Paradise Lost, Satan, who is the cause of man's "fall," has just experienced his own "fall" from innocence, and is on a mission to spoil Earth for man, and turn man against God at the same time. After eating the forbidden fruit, Eve believes that she has actually turned into a goddess, and has to think to herself whether or not she should tell Adam, because she likes knowing the fact that knows more than Adam.

It is apparent that Eve thinks that she is a goddess when she says, "Till dieted by thee I grow mature in knowledge, as the gods who all things know." Eve begins to become very selfish after eating the fruit, and the only reason that she tells Adam that he can become a god if eats the apple is so that she does not have to die alone, not because she loves Adam even though she tell him that's why she did it. (Eve 792-885).

Adam begins to act like Satan after he finds out that Eve has eaten the forbidden fruit because Eve has one of Adam's ribs, and Adam believes that one cannot separate a rib from its natural body. He then eats the fruit of the tree of knowledge to show his love for Eve (886-1011). The next day, Adam and Eve both wake up in a bad mood, because they had nightmares and were not well rested. They soon become ashamed of their nudity, and use leaves of a fig tree to cover themselves up (1011-1189). After this, both Adam and Eve begin to argue with each other who's fault it was that they ate from the forbidden tree (1011-1189). It is apparent that they have both lost their innocence, since they both become selfish and start blaming the other person for who's fault it was for eating the fruit of the tree of knowledge.

When Adam starts fighting with Eve about who's fault it was that they ate the forbidden fruit, the sad part about both of their accusations, is that they are both right, even though neither of them will admit it. After they both ate the forbidden fruit, the Earth was destroyed of its righteousness, confidence, and honor, which is apparent in our every day lives when people lie, cheat, and steal. If Adam and Eve did not eat the forbidden fruit and they both kept their innocence, maybe this world would have been a much better place.