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We see haunted houses in movies and on tv all the time but what are they

really like? Do they even exist? What are they like? Where are they at? There are

many questions and mysteries about ghosts and haunted houses that are very


There are many famous haunted houses. One very famous house is Edgar

Allen Poe's house. Many people claim to have seem not only his ghost but also

ghosts of his wife and other people that have lived there. People have also reported

hearing strange noises when no one was around, being tapped on the shoulder with

no one there, and heard voices. During the 1940's houses were built all around his

house in the Poe Homes Neighborhood. A few residents say they are scared of his

house and the local gangs don't ouch the place. Also people say that now Poe's

ghost haunts the whole neighborhood! Some people claim that you can hear him

running on the rooftops and one person even claims to have seen his ghost sitting at

a desk writing.

Another famous haunted house is the White House! People that have stayed

there have claimed to have seen Teddy Roosevelt, John F. Kennedy, and most

commonly, Abraham Lincoln. The most famous story is that one night a woman

was staying in the Lincoln bedroom and she heard a knock at her door. When she

answered it she saw Abraham Lincoln Standing there.

So why are some houses haunted? The reasons for this are varied. Some are

complicated and unique to that spirit and others are simple to understand and

relate to. Some spirits remain at or near the site of their death, especially if it was

sudden and unexpected. They remain confused and don't know or accept...