Prince And The Pauper

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"The reign of blood has ended! Long live King Edward, king of England!"� The fictional classic novel THE PRINCE AND THE PAUPER, by Mark Twain, takes place in London England during the 16th century. The book is about a young prince named Edward Tudor and a young pauper named Tom Canty who switch places and experience each others lives.

Tom Canty and Edward Tudor were both born on the same day. Edward to a reign of power and royalty, and Tom to a reign of absolutely nothing but nothing. One day, Tom and Ed meet each other in the royal court and the Prince invites Tom inside to wash up and have some food. They soon switch cloths and look in the mirror only to realize that they look exactly alike. Prince Edward leaves the room with Toms cloths on to fetch Tom something and is soon thrown out by a royal guard who assumed that he was a intruder.

Tom waited for the prince to come back, but he never did. He soon realized that he was the new Prince of Wales. Tom tried to explain to the king that he was not his son, but the king didn't buy it. The king ordered his son to have all studies stopped and his life to be filled with fun and games. On the other hand, Edward went to Toms house and tried to convince to his parents that he was the Prince. His mother soon ordered him to stop reading books. No one believed either Tom or Prince Edward. Edwards dad soon died, making Edward the new king. But really, Edward wasn't the king, because Tom was in his spot and no one believed Edward except for one person named Miles Hendon. Miles and Edward soon decided to...