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Life without Literature Everything done today is based upon the decisions of yesterday. Today's society is based upon the failure and success of past societies. The bases for everything in our current world is the past. What if something in the past had a different outcome; just one single thing had changed. What if the printing press had never been invented? One of the largest effects would be on religion. Biblical information would still only be available to a few individuals to read. The task of relaying biblical information would be put upon priests and ministers. These few individuals would not possibly be able to relay the information to the masses that they currently have. Without a published bible it would be difficult to do ministry work. One would literally have to memorize the entire bible and the travel abroad to distribute it. This entire process would be very time consuming and greatly slow the spread of the christen word.

The greatest selling book of all time is the bible. Without the printing press thousands would be without the vital information of Christ.

The printing press not being invented would not only effect biblical information but information in general. Most of our current day information is passed to us through books. The entire Untied States educational system is based upon many students learning the same information. Without the invention of the printing press, textbooks would be almost non-existent. Not every student would be able to have the same copy of the information. This would lead to hundreds of students being taught different information in different ways. This would deeply hinder the learning process.

If there was a lack of books or material to be read it would change the current social standing. If there were no books to read...