Prisoners of War - Chapter 31

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If possibly my mouth got even dryer as I choked out the cigarette smoke. I let out a gag as nausea hit me and I continued to choke as my throat burned. A couple of them chuckled to themselves, and a big guy walking past pointed at me and laughed but I paid him no mind.


"You heard me." Said O'Conner. "If you want in, you gotta kill him."

I took another long drag on the cigarette as the nausea subsided, almost reaching into my pocket for more heroin before remembering that I had none. "But why?"

"You know why, I told you already. I gave you a chance to join us because McKensie seems to have taken a liking to you, but you refused." I caught a disappointed look from McKensie at that. "And now that you're in danger you suddenly want to join? I have a feeling that the only reason you do is because you don't want to be killed."

He got me there.

"Which makes you a ****ing *****, and though we always have room for those under certain circumstances..." He pointed to the table behind us, and I saw the same guy I saw my first day in the lunch room sitting there in a dress and wig with makeup on, being slapped and teased by the people around him. "What do you say? Do you want to be our **** puppet?"

That got a few laughs from everyone except McKensie as I shook my head. "Well then to prove that you actually want to join and that you'll be loyal to us you will kill Geiss." I sighed swallowing hard trying to think of something to say.

"It's kill or be killed." McKensie said.

I was still at a loss for words, just...