Problem Solution: Gene One

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Problem Solution: Gene One

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Transformational Leadership


Mike Sawyer

November 12, 2007


Problem Solution: Gene One

A recent scandal was publicized through the media involving a company in the biotech industry. The information poses as a threat for Gene One. Gene One entered into the biotech industry with a breakthrough for ridding tomatoes and potatoes of harmful diseases. This breakthrough placed Gene One on the road to success. Many years and profits later, Gene One has reached another stepping stone with plans to transition from a private to a public owned company. To achieve this goal, Gene One requires IPO capital for new development, advertising and marketing. While trying to attract investors who have lost confidence in the biotech industry, they must also overcome several obstacles that could hinder their transition. The transition is expected to occur within three years.

Like many companies, management's lack of vision would create new and difficult problems. This paper will analyze the problems and issues faced by Gene One and their stakeholders as well as provide possible solutions.

Situation Analysis

Issue and Opportunity Identification

McShane and Von Glinow defines transformational leadership as "A leadership perspective that explains how leaders change teams or organizations by creating, communicating, and modeling a vision for the organization or work unit, and inspiring employees to strive for that vision." (McShane and Von Glinow, 2004, p. 428). Gene One has plans to change their organization by going public. They are presented with the opportunity to grow and establish themselves as a strong competitor while showing Wall Street investors that they can succeed as a public entity. The transition is set to occur within a three year time-frame.

Don Ruiz, Gene One's Chief Executive...