Problem Solution: Intersect Investments

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Problem Solution: Intersect Investments

Intersect Investments CEO Frank Jeffers acknowledges the changes in the financial service industry and understands his organization requires modification. Organizations that try cost-cutting strategies by improving the number of service calls and decreasing the typical call time are losing customers and employees at a faster degree of speed than in previous years. Frank's Vice President of Marketing Joel Contino has benchmarked data from IT solutions providers and the telecommunications industry and found companies which the customer intimacy model cause more growth at a quicker rate than those who don't use. Data from Western Telecom showed reps got 20 percent more revenues a day and calls where longer. After this data, Frank Jeffers now has produced a vision that will transform Intersect Investments Services to an organization that will furnish products and services strengthening the relationship with the customer.

A great deal of the state of affairs at Intersect Investments has to do with the labor force. The environment at Intersect Investments has been entirely a state of uncertainty for quite some time now. Employees enjoy working for the organization but never know what course the organization is going to take. This is due to the fact that many of the leaders and management have sent varied signals. One manager is trying to cut corners by decreasing cost, which the result is causing reduced quality of services. Another leader wants to enhance quality no matter what the charts say. CEO Frank Jeffers has organized a team that he feels will be able to carry out his one vision. The bottom line on this organization is to enhance relationships with customers, endorse sales, and reduce much of the employee turnover that is leading to extra costs. They have done...