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Motorola has effectively tapped into the fashion handset market with the V3 Pink RAZR. The Motorola V3 Pink RAZR (MVPR) is targeted to a sub-segment of the Style & Status Mavens (Refer Appendix 1). It is a fashion handset* targeted to female 16-30y/o fashion extroverts; those who want to stand out from the crowd. It is positioned as "fashionably thin" with its slim lines and smooth pink metallic paint. Even its name -RAZR evokes images of razor thinness (of the phone and ones body image) which appeals to this target group. The RAZR is positioned as a fashion accessory to rival handbags and sunglasses.

The MVPR is not only svelte in design, it is also technically functional, but these aren't the selling points to its target market. Consumers are currently faced with an overload of mobile devices to choose from all which are described as seemingly identical technically (M2 Presswire).

This results in an increasingly commoditized market.

The MVPR allows Motorola to distinguish its product via the look and feel of the device and this generates an emotional response. The target consumer ascribes a value to the handset and hence pays a premium. Because the phone travels everywhere and is visible to others, it acts as an extension of ones self. With the variety in payment plans available to consumers, the price should not be a hindrance to the 16-30y/old target demographic.

Table 1: V3 pink RAZR's Marketing Mix (Overview)ElementDescriptionPRODUCT•A slick fashion handset that is a visible statement of the owners' tastes and values.

•Sheer eye-catching colour (magenta) for females that love fashion and want to be noticed•Embodies all the great features of the V3 RAZR but not in boring black or silver.

•Carry the same handset as your favourite Hollywood starPRICE•$1,399 on launch, now in the mid-tier at $599•Most...