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Professional Sports and Salaries by .........................

Dr. Ragan, Asst. Prof.

October 12, 2001 Professional Sports and Salaries Major League baseball player Bobby Bonilla once said, "Kids today are looking for idols, but sometimes they look too far . . . they do not have to look any farther than their home because those are the people that love you. They are the real heroes." I agree with Bonilla because my parents and sister are definitely the most influential people in my life simply because they care for me and do so much for me. What has a professional athlete ever done for me personally?-Nothing. You may find it surprising in light of this information that my personal goal is to one day to play professional baseball, even so, I often wonder why we are paying these so called role models so much money. In today's society, professional athletes are at the top of the list of role models, I question whether they are deserving of this money.

The structure of sports has changed a lot over the years. The players sleep better, eat better, and have better equipment and coaching. The athletes have become more conscious of their health because of the high paychecks. Also, athletes are becoming more and more independent because of all the money that can be made-on or off the field. To some players, "A successful career can mean financial security for the rest of his or her life" (Dickey 205). It seems like some athletes are never satisfied, they always need something more and they will do whatever it takes to get that The typical athlete's mindset is, "Money first, game second" (Dickey 205). I think that is true of a good percent of athletes but not all, there are still some who play simply...