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"The Project Box" "Mommy, mommy! Let's do a project!" I looked up from the Sunday paper to find my five-year-old son standing before me holding our "˜project' box with a beautifully persuasive smile covering his face.

"Okay"¦ to the dining table." My son is full of life and questions. He is always building, painting, gluing or constructing one thing or another. He always wants us to do a project. Just as my mother did with me, when Carson was about two years old I began to put together a "˜project' box. I filled it with buttons, beads, and yarn, anything that would be fun to create with. Now and again, we sit together and sift through the felts and fabrics to begin a new project for our collection.

"Mom how come there is always stuff in here I haven't ever seen before?" " I still put new things in here from time to time, we can always use new things in our projects."

"Let's dump everything out so I can see what all things I can chose from." I gladly dumped the box so that he could get a better view of what the entire box had to offer for our new project.

"Lets see we can build pine cone people, or how bout pop cycle boats?" "Well we could do both, or something totally different, keep looking you may change you mind again." As I watched my son intently rummage over all the items, I couldn't help but imagine him studying fossils in his research lab, or picking over airplane parts in his repair hanger, I couldn't help but wonder what his nitch would be.

"Okay mom we'll take some of these and few of those and four toilet paper holders and make explorer glasses and go to the...