Project Management

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Project Management

Analysis and Design of Information Systems


This chapter provides a process-centric survey of key project management tools and techniques as they apply to system analysis and designs. First we must answer the question, what is project management? For any system development project, effective project management is necessary to ensure that the project meet the deadline, is developed within an acceptable budget, and fulfills customer expectations and specifications. Today's information technology communities are in great demand of skilled project management personnel. The typical Information system (or IS) project manager come from the ranks of experienced IS developers such as system analysts. An experience IS project manager possess strategies, tools, techniques, and the knowledge of information systems to manage a IS project. To understand the strategies, tools and techniques for project management as it applies to IS projects you will need to understand what causes a project to succeed or fail.

From the project management perspective, a project is considered a success if: The resulting information system is acceptable to the customer. The system is delivered on time, the system is delivered within budget and the systems development process had a minimal impact on ongoing business operations. However, project mismanagement can undermine the best applications of the systems analysis and design methods taught in any book. Some typical project mismanagement problems are, taking shortcuts through or around the system development methodology, a lake of organization's commitment to the system development methodology and insufficient resources. With each problem there are consequences for the project. The project gets behind schedule, and the team wants to catch up. The project becomes over budget, and the team wants to make up costs by skipping steps. The team is not trained or skilled in some of the methodology's activities and requirements so they are...