A proposed experiment on how lower income childern typicaly had a lower IQ and what would happen to those same childern if they moved into a better living enviroment.

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Adolescent violence or aggression is a major issue in today's society. With events taking place on a daily basis of teenagers getting arrested for various crimes, it is a relevant concern. This area of psychology, adolescent development, catches my attention because I am hoping to major in elementary education, so what effects children and their behavior is very important to me. My goal in this experiment would be to see the results of a teenager's neighborhood has on the probability of them to be convicted of a crime, or have the mental set to be convicted of a crime.

This experiment would be conducted with families of all races, from a low-income situation, in inner city public housing facilities, that have children between the ages of ten to fifteen. The control group would be those families left in inner city public housing facilities, and the experimental group would be the families that were moved up in to a better living condition.

This experiment would be done as an observation of the children to see if the control group was convicted of more crimes than the experimental group, the mental stability of both groups would also be evaluated. Multiple cities would also be used to further the database of our results. The independent variable would be the housing situation, whether it was in the inner city housing facilities or a wealthier community. There would be a no selection bias because the families would be picked by a lottery, to allow random assignment. The dependant variable would be the crime rates of the two groups and the mental status would also be evaluated to assess any changes in their mentality to lead to those convictions. Taking confounding variables into account, not all of the children are going to have the same...