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This paper will provide a several definitions for public relations. This paper will be illustrating and comparing the many different definitions. Public relation ranges from how a company is perceived by the public, advertisement on products, or general promotion activities. The general public's opinion would vary if asked, "What is the definition of public relations?" There are 2 reasons why there are varying opinions and perception as to what public relations means, they are:

* Public Relations has been around since the 1900

Therefore it has evolved and changed throughout the years.

* Many people believe that it means different things

Public perception is changing constantly

The man who many consider one of the founders of public relation was Edward Bernays, wrote, "The three main elements of public relations are practically as old as society; informing people, persuading people, or integrating people with people" (Seitel. 2004). Another definition comes from the book, "Public Relations: The Profession and the Practice"(1997) , public relations is describe as "the leadership and management functions that help achieve organizational objectives, define philosophy, and facilitate organizational change...

Public relations practitioners develop, execute, and evaluate organizational programs that promote the exchange of influence and understanding among the organization's constituent parts and publics" (Baskin, Aronoff, and Lattimore. 1997). The third different definition of public relations comes from the Foundation for Public Relations Research and Education, in 1975, requested a universal definition. The study involved sixty-five public relations leaders, who evaluate over 400 different definitions. At the end of the study the definition was, "Public relations is a distinctive management function which helps establish and maintain mutual lines of communications, understanding, acceptance, and cooperation between an organization and its publics; involves the management of problems or issues; helps management to keep informed on and responsive...