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The Purpose of the Youth Director The position or job of Youth Director or Youth Pastor in our nation should be a position in which many are employed. The purpose of Youth Director is to lead and train teenagers towards the correct walk with the Lord, so that these teenagers learn to serve God with their whole life. Youth directors instruct or lead teenagers toward the correct way of living by using biblical applications for everyday life. These adults provide comfort to teens during hard times as they build a lasting friendship with the individual.

Teenagers in this country are looking for the wrong things, such as drugs, alcohol, or relationships, to comfort them during their times of hardship. Youth pastors can provide an outlet during these times. The youth director can then lead them to a lasting relationship with the Lord, which is also comforting in times of need.

These youth workers could dramatically change the course of these teens' lives, and decrease the percent of drug usage and violence in this nation. Michael Pium, a college freshman says, "More time in church is less time selling crack". The leaders could instill within the members of the group family values, and other values such as morality, chastity, and sobriety. They could also teach respect to others, whether it is directed towards the elderly, or youths younger than them. If more Christian adults in this country were employed as youth directors, at churches or Christian schools, and more adolescents were brought into the church (whether by friends or family), then more teens would be changed and be taught to build a lasting relationship with God.

The position of Youth Director will encourage our next generation to serve the Lord in a positive field of ministry (whether in full time Christian service or a secular environment). Not only will those who choose this career prepare future generations for life, but will also provide "vents" for these teenagers through events, which give positive fellowship with other teens. These planned events or "outings" can keep these children from tribulation and surprisingly, can offer a blessing to the director in return. Essentially, a church youth group, under the direction of a qualified adult, can keep teenagers busy and out of trouble, and can also provide teens with friends who are going through similar trials. The results of this training can be seen by the Youth Director, which gives the leader a sense of accomplishment. He (or she) is then able to say, "I can make a difference in a child's life".

Gwinnett Co. Baptist Church, located in Suwanee, has supplied many teenagers with aid concerning their spiritual needs, by means of youth workers, who have dramatically changed the lives of many teenagers in our community by direct teaching and discipleship. They have influenced adolescents by the way they themselves live their Christian lives, and through youth programs such as AWANA, a scripture memory program which gives teens verses to remember for everyday life. The adolescents also benefit from these programs by the friends they have met through the youth group. The ways of the children in the community have been altered for the glory of God and His will. The children have made life long decisions concerning the will of God and will be taught by the youth workers to manage their time, so they include God in every aspect of their life.

If more adults were trained to become youth directors, and then were employed by reputable churches, they could possibly influence the future of teenager's lives. They can provide teens with possibilities that they would have never imagined, and the director can open doors to new areas of Christian service. The Bible says in Proverbs 22:6, "Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it". This is the perfect job description of a Youth Director. They are to train up children in the way of the Lord, so when they grow old, they will not leave God.