"Qualities Of A Good American"

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As Americans we enjoy many freedoms that people around the world do not have, many privileges that are unique to our nation. As Americans we should exhibit certain qualities that reflect not only the freedoms we enjoy, but also the standards this country was founded upon.

When looking at the qualities of good Americans, we should include loyalty; we should be thankful for our nation and should not betray it. History's pages tell of men and women who have betrayed their country for various reasons. One has only to mention Julius and Ethel Rosenberg and immediately it is thought of the secrets they leaked to Russia during World War II.

Another good quality that should be evident in Americans is a strong resolve to do what is right. Many times we know the right thing to do, yet do not do it, for fear of how people will think or react.

Especially as Christians, we should never compromise our beliefs. Parallel to this, Americans should be respectful, law-abiding citizens. We need to remember that laws were established for our protection, and should be obeyed, no matter what.

Also, Americans should be ready and willing to defend our nation at any cost. There will come a time when Americans will be called upon to take up arms, and protect the freedoms we take for granted. We should be willing to do whatever is necessary to ensure that we continue to experience freedom in America.

Americans should have a determination to succeed under difficult circumstances. This has been seen clearly in the past few days as America seeks to clean up, rebuild, and retaliate after the recent terrorists attacks in New York, Washington D.C., and Pennsylvania.

We have looked at several qualities that Americans should have. Now let's look at a couple of character traits that we as American should not have. They include (but are not limited to) racism, segregation, and hatred. America is becoming more and more a diverse nation. Studies are showing there are almost as many foreigners in this country as there are American-born citizens. America is indeed a melting pot for the nations. We need to show love and decency to our fellow Americans, no matter what their nationality, because America is the land of new beginnings - with equality for all.

Lastly, there are some qualities that are not evident in our country today, but are desperately needed! One that immediately comes to mind is the need for parents to take charge of raising their children. All too much, we see families where both parents work full time and are not home enough to properly raise their children. It is my belief that we have incidents like the school shootings at Columbine because parents do not take enough of an interest in what their children are doing.

Also, we need to let God back into our culture. This nation came into being so that English colonists could worship freely. It is ironic that the nation that was founded for religious freedoms has turned its back on God. It was an appalling decision to remove God from our public schools, by making it against school policies to pray to and discuss God while in school. God has promised that He will not bless those who turn their back on Him, and God is faithful to His Word.

There are several qualities that should be prominent in the way Americans conduct themselves daily. There are also character traits that we should not exhibit, and, there are qualities that are much needed in our nation today!