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1 CR 2X2 hrs each week Introduction to the module - Formations of Group IMC introduction and promotional mix Small Group Activity : Identify different formats/ categories in small groups and pick one and develop a poster (different format/ categories are TV advert, print advert, radio ad, guerrilla campaign, viral campaign, online ads etc). The poster should include: outline advantages and disadvantages and give an example that reflects these. Students can go to the library or stay in class to produce the poster, A3 paper sheets will be provided All posters need to be handed to the lecturer and will be put up for further analysis. One person per group needs to explain the poster.

Poster will be assessed by students based on four criteria:  Presentation

 Clarity of message

 Advantages and disadvantages

 Development and Insight Each member in group forward their assessment of the poster and group consensus reached within each group to grade each poster on a scale of 1 to 5, where 1= poor and 5 = = excellent. Posters receive Best Poster Category Award & Best Poster Award

Poster (take a picture with your phone and submit it to Surreylearn under Posters)

2 CR 2X2 hrs each week Brand & Perspectives on Branding and Strategy 'Brand' Terminology & Brand equity. Brand Communication Strategies - Case Study (max 5 pages, save as PDF). Case study includes slide that shows sources of connectivity. Students should use the information provided on Surreylearn to develop a Case Study

Case Study on Brand Communication strategy Presentation:

1. Connecting the consumer to the brand - Students should find a brand that follows the sources of connectivity, explain how the brand uses these sources and maybe link it to the promotional mix and...