Reaching the Kingdom of Heaven

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"Here is your coffee ma'am." A good-looking air crew handed a cup of coffee to me. The hot steam vaporised to the top reaching the ceiling of the plane. "Thank you." I grinned, watching him walking away. With my sleepy eyes I peered out the window. A blanket of endless clouds appeared to be floating in the air, left to right, right to left...

Part 1 the Years of Wondering

I used to love this place. The wood stacked by the door, speaking of the spring forest. Hungry dogs blinked in the sunlight. A girl chased a cat to the country yard. Men argued in the shade of an archway. The red wine scented in the cellar. Women rubbed the dirty clothes by the river. The little children held the sugar-coated haws that on a stick, yelling and laughing loudly. The smoke came out from the chimney, rising slowly to the blue sky.

The fragrance from the peach blossom spread all over this small town in northern China.

Just in that year I was only two years old, my mother left me to nanny Wu when my father was out working, fleeing to another country. Father was furious when he came back home. He searched for her everywhere, frantically, but nobody knew where she had gone to, not even my Nanny. From then on he changed one of the words of my name to . Father worked very hard for me to go to school. He was out the door before the cocks crew and back after the moon rose above the mountain.

Though, Nanny Wu was the only person I could talk to. She was young and honest, just like a kind mother. However, neither my father nor she told me about my biological mother, why she left and...