"Jörundr" is the title. Written in response to assignment of creating an archetype tale; it includes the required evidence of a hero's journey, keenings, alliteration, etc.

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Well now that this sunset is fading to the campfire's glow,

I shall tell you a story that few of our countrymen know.

It arose out of hell's fire, no soul within.

It did fiendish tasks without remorse filling in.

King Elwaus was hopeless and fearful for his people.

He saw no end in sight for the smashing of steeples. . . .

The year of our Glorious Lord, 1077, brought about a new demon's destruction for our people. Sure, we have faced such atrocious figures as the persistent Grendel and some greedy dragons. However, these become miniscule in comparison to the atheistic monstrosity. Not even children at Mass were safe, for he lurked into the churches to clutch them away when all were in prayer. Between chaotic climatic changes, the lay of the land was blanketed by a hoary fog; the sun could not fully pierce this obstruction.

This created the perfect vulnerability of the victims for the fire-eyed fiend.

His first attack on humans was in the middle of a sweltering summer's night. A young man had been herding a flock of sheep to a neighboring village when he decided to rest for the night. (The sheep were to be a gift to his future bride's family.) He chose to stop by a lake on the outskirts of Throdarek-woods no one dared to enter. Here, he decided that the lake could provide him a chance to freshen up and serve as drinking water also. Little did he know that Ófeigard had his gaze set upon him. "Now," decided that child of Beelzebub, "now, I will begin with my lessons to teach these mechanical, meandering men how senseless it is to put their faith

into a 'noble and just' God." Ófeigard waited for his hapless victim to...