Reaction Paper to Marilyn Frye's "Oppression" and Audre Lorde's "The Master's Tools Will Never Dismantle the Master's House"

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I may consider myself a feminist but after reading the story, "Oppression" I'm wary to use that term. Marilyn Frye, the author of the story, seemed to argue the fact that all women are oppressed whether they know it or not. She blamed many of the problems on men's simple attempts to be kind and courteous, saying that by males even opening doors for females they're implying that women can't do things for themselves.

On the other hand I found the story "The Master's Tools Will Never Dismantle the Master's House" enlightening. I thought that the author Audre Lorde brought up a great point that only by accepting all women's differences and banding together as a whole can we overcome obstacles that come our way due to sexism, or general obstacles between women. Although this story also had a strong feminist viewpoint Lorde was careful in the approach, making sure to note that there is in fact a way to prevail through the difficult circumstances.

This reading was also different in the fact that it wasn't just men who were holding back women, but other women as well.

The biggest difference that I found between the two stories was that Frye wanted to blame all the problems that women encounter on men and them trying to be dominating. Her solution was to rise above the men and realize that we in fact are better than them. In Lorde's story she addressed the problem of women vs. women in addition to men vs. women. Her solution was much more productive in my opinion because it was so realistic.

Both of these readings were equally important because they showed how there can be two different sides of the same issue. One person took a passive stance while the other took an...