The Real Sucker

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Many Different experiences in a child's life help form the personality and attitude he or she will adopt later in life. One such example of this is a fictional character named Sucker. This young boy really admired his cousin Pete, whom he lived with. Sucker was just an innocent child who would believe anything Pete said. The more Sucker admired Pete, the more Pete resented Sucker. This went on until Pete met a girl. Pete was so happy that he didn't mind Sucker's admiration toward him. Sucker became a bright enthusiastic child who loved being around Pete. He was so happy that he didn't want anything to change. After Pete got dumped, he turned all of his frustrations toward Sucker. Sucker then treated Pete the way Pete treated him - like a nobody.

Sucker's real name is Richard. He got the name 'Sucker' from being so gullible. One time he jumped off his garage roof with an open umbrella because Pete told him he would float down to the ground.

It turned out all that happened was Sucker got a busted knee. Sucker was like any child his age. He talked to himself when he was alone, he would fight off gangsters and also pretend he was a cowboy. He was a healthy kid but he kept to himself mostly.

When Pete met Maybelle Watts this had an immediate effect on Sucker because Pete was actually treating him nicely. Sucker was flamboyant, talkative and always had a smile on his face when Pete was around. One time when the two of them went to bed they had a long talk. Pete even took Sucker to a movie with him. 'You're a swell kid, Sucker,' said Pete. Being so close to Pete made Sucker feel wonderful.

When Pete found out...