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Rebecca de Winter

Rebecca is a novel written by the English author Daphne du Maurier. This novel is remembered for their characters, mainly for the one who never actually appears (she is dead) in the story, but her strength and influence remains clear in the story. Rebecca dies before the story begins and cannot speak for herself, so readers can only know of her through the characters of the novel.

The first thing that readers know is that Rebecca is a beautiful, extremely charming, and lovely woman full of life. "We never knew her well personally, you know… she received us when we went to the ball and the garden party… she was a very lovely creature. So full of life. 'She seems to have been so good at everything too,' I said…" (Chapter 11, page 123). She is tall, slim and has dark hair. "You never would have thought she was so tall, would you?" she said, "She was so slim too.

You would forget her height, until she stood beside you…But lying there in bed she looked quite a slip of a thing, with her mass of dark hair, standing out from her face like a halo." (Chapter 14, page 168).

Another characteristic of her is that she transcends in every kind of sport, from hunting, horse riding to sailing. She seems fearless and independent. "she spent many nights at the cottage, and had sailed in every sort of weather." (chapter 14, page 170). Apart from that, she is really brilliant at organizing fabulous parties. The Bishop's wife reveals Rebecca's talent for entertaining, saying, "There was a garden party, too, we went to one summer. Everything always so beautifully done. The flowers at their best. A glorious day, I remember. Tea was served at little tables...