Reducing Child Obesity through Physical Eduaction

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Childhood obesity is at an all time high. Write a persuasive essay for a fitness magazine in which you convince your readers that exersise is essential to achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Do u believe daily cardiovascular exersise in a P.e. program is neccessary to help lower levels of obesidy in our country?

I. Excersize is essential to achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle

2. How to achieve cardiovascular exersize

3. Daily cardiovascular excersise in a Pe program is neccesary to lower obsesidy levels

4. Will help students to grow up to be healthy

5. Conclusion

I think that excersize is a necessity when it comes to achieving good health. By exersizing frequently and on a daily/weekly basis, you are guaranteed a healthy and active lifestyle. Excersizing your body is not just a one time thing. Your body is something that you will have to constantly maintain. Either use it or lose it.

By being healthy and living an active lifestyle you can live longer and be more confident about yourself, and have the strength to accomplish anything. You will also have decreased chances of recieving hypertension or heart failure through proper cardiovascular excersize, or exersize of the heart.

Your heart is an extremely important organ. It delivers oxygen to every single cell in your body. The heart itself is a muscle, so fortunately, you can train it to become stronger and more effective, just as you would a regular muscle. By maintaining good cardiovascular excersize you will be able to have higher endurance, and get tired out less easily. Having a good heart can also allow you to live a long and prosperous life.

America has one of the higherst obesidy levels in the world. This is due to the fact that America is filled with fast food...