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Don't Forget to Stiff Your Waiter

Everyone tips their waiter, right? Of course, that is just the right thing to do… wrong. In the article "Don't Forget to Stiff Your Waiter" written by Nachum Sicherman, he explains how tipping is a societal norm, but completely unnecessary. I can uphold this belief that tipping is unnecessary. As Sicherman describes in the article many restaurants have stopped accepting tips. While some may say this is money well spent since you "pay for performance", others say it should not have to be that way. In fact, those who do not tip their waiter could be categorized as a thief in the eyes of others, especially the eyes of the business and the hard working waiters. Having known someone who worked in the restaurant industry for many years as well as taking several economics classes throughout the span of high school, I can reflect viewpoints on this topic from a personal aspect as well as from an unbiased, economic analysis.

When you look at this from an economic standpoint, it really doesn't make sense to tip, and actually it is un-beneficial for those who tip and those who receive them. On the other hand, from the personal aspect, people are generally happy when they make others happy, or feel obligated to give a little extra when someone provides you with a service. So the vast majority of restaurant goers tend to tip because it is the social "norm". Something like that will be difficult to break away from.

Not all workers receive tips, but will still perform to their job expectations, thus rendering tips ineffective. Think about a surgeon who has to cut into a heart that has stopped beating, open arteries and place stents in them...