Relate employee motivation, and managerial attitudes and behaviors, to employee attitudes and job satisfaction in your organization. Relate this to the motivation theories in your readings.

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Many of the discussions of motivation assume that the style of leadership or the manner of the working groups have a significant effect on motivation. My view is that it is not only the managerial attitudes within the Care Trust that highlights that the managers have a significant effect on performance, but in addition to this the organizations commitment to schemes which will eventually gain the trust 'model employer' status that makes the trust attract high caliber employees, have low incidence of absenteeism and low turnover of staff compared to other trusts in the region.

Motivational organizational strategies

One of the main drivers for successfully becoming a 'model employer' and is that we are a site for Improving Working Lives (IWL). The IWL initiative (1) is far reaching. It has set standards summarising the commitment expected from NHS employers to create well-managed and flexible working environments, which support staff, promote their welfare and development and respect their need for a healthy work/life balance.

The standard has three stages and progress by employers will be kite-marked, the trust is at the second stage of the initiative.

IWL standards highlight the need for NHS employers to be committed to improving working lives, IWL:

* Recognizes that modern health services require modern employment services.

* Understands that staff work best for patients when they can strike a healthy balance between work and other aspects of their life outside work.

* Accepts joint responsibility with staff to develop a range of working arrangements that balance the needs of patients and services with the needs of staff.

* Values and supports staff according to the contribution they make to patient care and meeting service needs.

* Provides personal and professional development and training opportunities that are accessible and open to all staff irrespective of their...