"Remember the Titans"

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"Remember the Titans" begins in a small Virginia town in 1971. The local high school football team is known as TC Williams High School. The town and the football team come together to illustrate a social cognitive process. Everything is perceived, remembered, and interpreted by the talented football team and the town members. Desegregation within the school was announced to take place which meant that the team was no longer a white only team. High amounts of prejudice behaviors against blacks left many in a state of rage. Prejudice is defined as negative feeling toward persons based on their membership in certain groups (Brehm et al, 2005). This situation was not helped by the firing of the head coach for a black head coach known as Coach Boon. At first, all of the white players try to boycott the football program and the new coach. It is then that Coach Yoast, the white coach, decided to stay and run the defensive line to avoid abandonment of the football players.

Soon after the hiring of the new coach, black students were allowed to be part of the football team. Both the black children and the white children had their own personal perceptions as to how the football line up was going to be formed (Brehm et al, 2005). To the surprise of both races, Coach Boon had no favorites. They were all arranged by position and were instructed to wear a suit jacket, tie, and shirt to the initial gathering of the team for football camp. The camp was held at Gettysburg College. Coach Boon paired up one black and one white player to sit next to each other on the bus and the pairs were also instructed to be roommates for the entire duration of the football...