The Ren And The Coyote

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Coyote and the Hen Once upon a time in a Mayan village in Mexico, a hen was up in the branches of a tree, and a coyote came up to him "I've brought some good news for you. Do you want to hear it?" asked the coyote. "Do you really have some good news?" the hen asked. The coyote answered: "It's about the two of us. Hear this, the coyote and the hen have made peace. Now we're going to be friends and you can come down from the tree." Hen was suspicious and was sure this was another one of Coyotes awful tricks. All the Hens know coyote would love to eat them as a snack. The hen kept asking if it was true what the coyote was saying, "Where was the peace treaty approved, Coyote?" The coyote answered, "Over there by the hunting grounds on the other side of the mountain.

Hurry up and come down so that we can celebrate this moment of friendship." The hen asked, "Over there on the other side of the mountain?" "I am telling the truth. Come on down from the tree," insisted the coyote.

"Maybe you are telling the truth, Coyote. Why don't you go over to that limestone structure and I'll meet you there when I am ready to come down." Said Hen. Coyote pondered the idea for a little while and figured it was better than nothing. He walked over to the limestone structure and sat, watching Hen sit up in the tree. A few hours rolled around and Coyote was getting more and more hungry, so he thought up one more plan to get Hen down from that tree. "Hen, Come down from that tree at once! I am sick of waiting; you can either take my friendship or leave it. It could be very beneficial to you, I can protect you, and watch over you so nothing can harm you. If you decline my friendship you can go on fending for yourself." Hen thought that Coyote had paid his dues by waiting for that long period of time, and decided to come down from the tree. Coyote walked up to Hen and snatched him up faster than Hen even had a chance to say a word. Bribery got the best of the Hen, and this is why the Hen no longer subside with the Mayan people.