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For the attention of : Ms Debbie Choo

The Marketing Director

Nestle (M) Sdn Bhd

Completed by : Dorine Foo

Marketing Researcher

Evolution Research Sdn Bhd

Nielsen Sdn Bhd

Date of submission : 28 February 2014


Evolution Research Sdn Bhd was established in 2011 . It is a research-based marketing consultancy . We will help you to develop the best solutions to understand and meet the needs and wants of today consumers.

Nestle (M) Sdn Bhd was commissioned by Debbie Choo to research on the factors that lead to decline in sales of the organizations and to investigate into a, b, c and d.

What are the factors that are contributing to the organization's decline in sales ?

Internal factor (weakness). The competitors have similar products (chocolate malt drink) as Milo . For example, the product ranges of Milo, Vico, Ovaltine are similar such as powdered drink, instant drink, pack drink and others.

According to summary of Fast Moving Consumer Goods(Milo) Survey(2014)(Q13. In your opinion, is Milo better, about the same or worst than another brand ?) , the opinions of 49% of respondents , Milo is same as another brands.

On the other hand, external factor (threat), the prices of Milo's competitors is cheaper than it. According to Tesco Stores (Malaysia)(2012) , the prices of Milo's competitors are RM30.00 and below. Next, is economical . For example, nowadays , in Malaysia, the prices of all the stuffs are increased . According to summary of Fast Moving Consumer Goods (Milo) Survey (2014)(Q12. How much did you pay for Milo products ?) , there are 51 % of respondents are pay RM9.90 for Milo products.

The another external factor (social) . According...