Research Methods - The emergence of live music in Brasov, Romania

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Fertu Catalin

Barbu Ioana

"The emergence of live music in Brasov."

Research Methods


1. Introduction/Background to the study

Music has had a major impact upon the various societies and cultures of the world even from its birth, in Ancient Greece, where it started as a tribute brought to their Goddesses; starting, initially, only with vocalists, and afterwards evolving into complex musical structure, both in matter of the "vocal instrument" and instrumental accompaniment. (Sachs, Curt. (1943). "The Rise of Music in the Ancient World"). Music's main feature was that it brought joy both to the people who listened to it and to the ones who played it.

Since recorded music has appeared(around the turn of the 20th century) , live music has lost a part of its international value - the recorded version of the songs providing people an exposure to a massive amount of music that was actually new to them.

Yet, according to a study conducted by (2012), "Live music is continuing to grow, with sales of tickets and sponsorship forecast to generate revenues of US$30.9bn in 2017, up from US$26.5bn in 2012, a CAGR of 3%. That growth will more than offset the continued decline in recorded music revenues." - Thus, the world and the industry expects to have more live concerts (from both well-known performers and newcomers).

Due to the fact that live music has become a touristic factor of interest in Brasov(Romania), the year 2014 is expected to be a busy year for the city) , the website "" posting, at the beginning of the year, only a summary of major musical events in Brasov. Attendance is, apparently, satisfactory for the organizers of a Greek Concert, for example, in "Deane's Irish Pub", which will take place on the 20th of February -...