A Research Report On the Norton Kosair Children's Hospital Market research report

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A Research Report On the Norton Kosair Children's Hospital

Table of Contents

1.0) Executive Summary

2.0) Introduction

3.0) Aim and scope of report

4.0) Body of report

4.1) The study of consumer behavior

4.2) A model of buyer behavior

4.3) Internal and external data for hospital

4.4) The birth rate (per 1,000) for teenagers aged 15 through 17 years

4.6) Rate of unintended or mistimed pregnancies

4.7) The infant mortality rate per 1,000 live births

4.8) Percent of infants born to pregnant women receiving prenatal care

beginning in the first trimester

4.9) Medicaid and Non-Medicaid Comparison

5.0) Conclusions and Recommendations

6.0) Reference List



Lars E. Perner

Robert H. Smith School of Business

University of Maryland

College Park, MD 20742-1815, U.S.A.

Internet: lperner@rhsmith.umd.edu


1.0) Executive Summary:-

2.0) Introduction:-

Southern Indiana has trusted the Norton name for compassionate, dedicated healthcare with some of the most advanced equipment and techniques available.

And the same holds true today. Now with more than 60 locations throughout Louisville and the surrounding area, Norton Healthcare is better equipped than ever to carry on this tradition. As a non-profit network of medical services, Norton Healthcare truly belongs to our community, bringing even greater value to our patients, to our economy and to our region.

Traditionally the primary concern of hospital has been focused on producing services, rather than servicing particular markets. The competition is increasing day by day in US hospitals industry and the market research has begun to explore the potential.

Every day, the people of Norton Healthcare come together for one purpose: to provide the best possible care and treatment for every patient in their care. To do this, they rely on the largest base of experience and expertise of any healthcare resource in Louisville. Because the 2,200 doctors, 2,300 nurses, and nearly...