A response to " the middle passage"

Essay by ARIEL375 March 2004

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The part of the book that stood out the most in the second half of his narrative is the part where he stands up to Mr. Covey. Douglas comes back after a two day disappearance and is to endure the wrath of Covey. Something in Douglas says no not this time and he and Covey begin to battle. They fight for about two hours and no one will come to Covey's assistance.

After the fighting is over, Covey is left bloody and Douglas has not a single mark on him. After this moment Douglas never receives a whipping from Covey again, only mere threats.

I choose this part because it is one of the truly inspirational moments of the book. This moment gave Douglas his faith back. After being ill and walking seven miles back to his master's home covered in blood and dirt, he receives no sympathy. Even when he returns to Covey's farm he is about to be whipped.

But instead he took control of the situation. He didn't let his fear control him and was better off for it.

This was a make or break moment in Douglas' life. The path that he chose renewed his strength and faith. I think it also gave other slaves the strength they needed to get through this, with the hope of things maybe getting better.

This moment also gave me strength and helped me to know that you can always make the best of a really bad situation, and that there is always a way out if you just wait for your moment.