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Persuasive Objective: To influence the audience that Sprint is the better or the three.

Thesis: Which service provider is the better to choose from.

Attention-getter: How many people have a cell phone? Voicestream? AT&T? Sprint? Well how many people know about their service plans? How many know people know if they are being overcharged or being cheated in their minutes.

I. Voicestream A. Has most anytime minutes, and good nights and weekend minutes at a low cost.

B. Has a vast variety of phones and equipment at low cost.

C. Has sim-card""for gsm cell phones (worldwide phones).

D. Has good customer service.

E. Has several dead spots and gives a lot of static and dropped calls (especially at night).

F. Has hidden charges (limited minutes a day).

II. AT&T A. Has a limited variety of phones and equipment, but is expensive.

B. Has unlimited nights and weekend minutes.

C. Have high rate plans.

D. Customer service is awesome.

E. Never dropped calls and no dead spots.

F. Has hidden charges (random taxes"¦).

III. Sprint A. Has a variety of phones and equipment, at a moderate price.

B. Has excellent anytime minutes and excellent nights and weekend minutes.

C. Customer service is all right; they always put you on hold.

D. Rare dropped calls, and several dead spots.

E. Has voice command and wireless web.

F. No hidden charges.

IV. Conclusion I feel that Sprint has the best service and plans for and average everyday life.

So when you need to talk on the phone on a daily basis or if you are more of a nighttime talker then Sprint is the way to go.

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