A Review of Demonic Males

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Demonic Males shows that human beings and chimpanzees are more than just animals that inhabit the same regions. The DNA of humans is 99 percent identical to that of chimpanzees. Looking at chimpanzees and other closely related apes is like looking back through time to our origin. Through extensive research we know that in our present lives we show violent behavior that is closely similar to the violence shown by chimpanzees. To effectively kill or attack, chimpanzees form packs or parties that can circle their pray making it harder for the pray to escape. If we look at out own actions we find that throughout history we have formed coalitions with other countries or other people to fight our wars and battles more efficiently. The need to be in power has grown inside of us since we were born. With power we have wealth, the wealth of doing what we want, when we want.

Scratching and clawing for power is in our everyday lives, it has been shown in physical acts. Like wrestlers in a wrestling ring, we fight to gain acceptance and attention. This violence has been shown throughout our existence and is paralleled in the lives of the chimpanzees.

We have also found through our studies of bonobos that there is more then aggression that has been passed to us from primates. Most animals mate to reproduce with the exception of a few. The bonobos have sex as a way to make friends, a way to reconcile and calm. Humans are known to have sex for the same reasons. We have also found that bonobos will adapt to their environment and its food supply so that they can stay together as a group. Forming more permanent societies then previously recorded chimps formed. These societies are similar to the...