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Health Information Technology and

The Effects on Physician-Patient Care



The following will discuss Health Information Technology and its benefits in Physician - Patient care. With increased wait times in the ER and overbooked doctor offices, the need to interchange and transfer patient information has become increasingly vital for the physicians to thoroughly examine and treat the patient. This assessment will explain why healthcare professionals needed to implement the new computerized patient records system in order to better treat the volume of patients entering the hospitals and doctors' offices daily. The introduction will explain the benefits of the EMR/EHR system using exemplification to demonstrate why there was a need.


Over several years, reports of patients dying in the waiting rooms due to long waits raised great concern throughout the healthcare industry. Healthcare professionals were burdened with the need to remedy the cause for overly extensive wait times in the emergency rooms and doctor offices.

On May 9, at a Martin Luther King Hospital, a 43 year old woman dies of a perforated bowel in the emergency room waiting area. Her death was ruled an accident by the LA coroner. Reported by NBC news, relatives and witnesses say, "Rodriguez was bleeding from the mouth and writhing in pain for 45 minutes while she was at a hospital waiting area. Experts have said she could have survived had she been treated early enough." After further investigation the Chief Medical Officer was placed on an "ordered Absences" due to the inexcusable death. (AP, 2007) Implementation of the EMR/EHR systems for the Health Technology field helps prevent tragedies, like dying in the ER, for waiting too long, from happening.

According to 2012 Health Data Management. There are possibly three global megatrends that may have a damaging effect on the economy and...