Right to Know

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Right to Know

How much information does your employer have the right to know about you? An employer has the right to know aspects about you life that can potentially affect the business. It is their obligation to protect the business and the current employees. Many things can affect an employee's performance and in return affect the business. A person's health, financial stability, past work and education are all things that can potentially affect an employment opportunity.

An employee's health can affect a company's health plan premium. If a person is chronically ill or injured, constant use of a company's health plan can raise the company's premium. This can potentially affect other employees because the increase in the plan will increase the amount of money they have to pay for their insurance. Another potential problem for a chronically sick person is excessive absenteeism. An employee who is not reliable will cost the company more money in the long run.

Other employees begin to get stress and unhappy due to the extra workload on them. Also, there is a potential to loose customers because of less that adequate service. These are all problems than can be avoided from having the knowledge of a person's health history.

Financial history, past work and education are also concerns of employers. A person with a shaking credit history can be enough incentive for the employee to steal from the company. This action will negatively affect the company and also has the trickle down affect. This can prevent extra raise and compensation for all the other employees and potential create a need to downsize. As far as past work and education, if a person is negligent or not educated in the field can create an unsafe workplace for other employees.

This is important information for...