Rise of the great Blade part 5

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The second Blade finished school; he went and enlisted into the army. To Blade's complaint, he was put into a backup unit. So it mainly meant that he would run around barely able to draw ant blood on the opposing army.

One day, Blade's unit began to move. Soon other units joined up with them. Before they broke through the forest, the leaders told the army that there was going to be the final battle. It's all or nothing and they were going to join up with the rest of the dragon army. Suddenly the ground started to rumble, the Blade could faintly hear the sounds of other dragons, singing the song of battles. The same one's that he remembered his parents singing as they marched off to war leaving him at the school. They never returned. There was a roar and in answer, Blade roared. The other dragons in his army also, following his example, roared.

The army Blade was in broke through the forest and saw the rest of the dragon army. It was huge. Thousands times bigger that the one Blade is in. moving like a giant wave sweeping the land. This is it blade thought, now or never. I will become the dragon general. Or die trying...with that thought lingering in his mind. Blade roared his family's battle cry and flew to join the dragon army.

Over the next few days, more and more dragons joined up with the huge army. The army was a huge mass of dragons rolling across the land destroying all in its path and leaving behind a wasteland. Strangely and unknown to them, the army of black dragons were doing the same thing, but they were far more spread out and less dragons. But they brought along tall structures...