Rodents Are Taking Over the World--an essay with proof suporting the theory.

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World Domination by Rodentia

Acme Labs is where we set our scene. A genetically engineered lab mouse and his intellectually challenged companion exchange a simple dialogue. The dim-witted mouse begins, "Gee Brain, what are we gonna do tonight?"

"The same thing we do every night, Pinky--try to take over the world!"

Two simple lab mice, with one quest, to "try to take over the world." It's the premise of every episode of "Pinky and the Brain," but did the public notice the real life parallels? The last season of "Pinky and the Brain" was in 1998, but the rodent problem continues, and awareness of the problem has not been heightened. Rodents are taking over the world.

Rodents are known as being herbivores; but rodents eat almost any food. According to a special on the Discovery channel, rats consume a third of their weight every 24 hours, and will even "eat soap to meet their quota."

The World Health Organization recently reported that rats consume 21% of the world's food supply. Rats are also responsible for over a trillion dollars in loses a year in the United States.

It would appear that rodents are training us for their own gains. In Austin, Texas on the campus of the University of Texas, squirrels walk right up to passing students demanding to be fed. When one sits on a welcoming bench to enjoy a late afternoon's lunch, one undoubtedly is to be joined by an expectant squirrel waiting for a hand out. Many people have been attacked by these cute creatures. In one instance, a Mrs. M. Archer, who had taken to feeding the squirrels every time she was on campus, was viciously bitten by a squirrel and had to receive medical attention. People have been warned not the feed the furry furies,