The role of IT in Enterprises & Investing on IT strategically

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IntroductionIn today's fast moving competitive business environment, Information Technology plays a pillar role upon organization's enterprises. Inevitably, the appropriate exploitation of the contemporary Information technology is creating significant opportunities for decisions on their organizational strategy.

However, a business needs to understand the enormous advantages that IT can provide, as well as the negative effects that may arise from inaccurate usage of this powerful implement. By achieving this, a company will be able to invest on IT strategically and enhance its productivity.

Carre's article gave a handle for argumentation to a procession of academics and practitioners regarding the role of IT in enterprises. Along various assertions and perspectives by both sides, plethora of advantages and disadvantages of IT in Shaping Organizational strategy were unveiled.

Advantages of IT in shaping organizational strategyPrevious innovative technologies like the steam engines, the railroads, and the electricity managed to create dramatic shifts in organizations environment. In the same way, the Information Technology developed in the past few decades, has transformed the enterprise's world at a pace that eclipse all innovations before it.

This has happened because IT has various aspects of applications in a wide range of tasks.

ManagementFrom the organization's point of view, IT generates possibilities, options and solutions that certainly did not exist before. (Brown & Hagel 2003) Undoubtedly, the most valuable asset for businesses is "information", which it is stored, processed and transported by the aid of IT according to the individual capabilities of each organization. This valuable "Knowledge capital" derives from the internal and the external environment of an organization, which embraces some of the most significant elements for a business such us customers, suppliers, products, or services. Today, IT helps people as it provides some valuable tools for a most effective management upon this information intelligence, and the interaction, among a...